Surf Day at Pier Park Panama City Beach Florida

Nothing better than a surf day at the Beach!

Surfing at the pier, Pier Park Panama City Beach FloridaIf you live where it is cold and a storm front rolls in, you get a snow day…at the beach we get surf days. The Emerald Coast is known throughout the world for our sugar white sand beaches and emerald green waters in the Gulf of Mexico. But we fall short in the World’s Best Surf Spots category when compared t0 Austraila’s Gold Coast, California, Hawaii or Costa Rica. In fact, we are more famous for having pan-flat calm, clear water. As with every beach town we have some favorite surf spots that will churn up some good waves. The pier at Pier Park in Panama City Beach is is one of the popular spots where during the swell season we will get some decent waves. When the swell comes in, surfers come out to enjoy the surf.

Today was an office day for me and I ventured out on my deck to check out the Gulf and saw a bunch of surfers having a blast surfing the waves at Pier Park. It was 76 degrees, the sun was punching through the clouds and fog and I was itching for an excuse to take a break, so I grabbed my digital camera and my 500mm lens and headed out to take some photos of the surfing action. Ever since Danny Margagliano joined our Real Estate team, I have been wanting to do a blog post on the local surfing scene on our website. Danny was a professional surfer for 6 years and traveled the world surfing. My passion is cycling, and I spend all of my free time on a bike and thus my surfing knowledge does not go too far but I certainly can appreciate a good surf day.

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