30A Luxury Home Builder Spotlight Arkon Group

Arkon Group sets the standard for luxury home building on Scenic 30A

Arkon Group Luxury Home BuilderOur Team spends a lot of time previewing properties up and down the coast. We look at both ends of the spectrum, from extreme distressed properties to the pinnacle of luxury real estate. There are very few builders that leave a distinct impression on us and give an instant “WOW” factor when you walk through their homes…Arkon Group is one of those very few builders that will amaze you with their craftsmanship.

The Arkon Group has left its amazing signature of quality and craftsmanship across 30A for over 9 years. Their primary focus is client satisfaction and they achieve this through the use of in-house craftsman to assure quality from start to finish. Arkon Group has built numerous projects including WaterColor Amenities, The V Restaurant, the Pizza Bar in Seaside,  and numerous award winning homes in Seaside Florida.

Arkon Group works very closely with their clients and their architects to ensure their vision is carefully crafted into a master piece. Many of Arkon Group’s projects are the most highly visible projects on the beach including the exquisite 7,000sf custom gulf front home in Seaside next to the popular Pizza Bar. This home is due to be finished in a few weeks and it is spectacular!

The Arkon Group can be reached at 850-231-6900 or www.arkongroup.com